UA professor studies, compares number of mass shootings worldwide

UA professor studies, compares number of mass shootings worldwide

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Do mass shootings really happen more in American than anywhere else?

That's a question University of Alabama Criminal Justice Professor Adam Lankford wanted to answer by dissecting the number of shootings in America and comparing that to other countries we can find a way to reduce them.

For two years, he dug through numbers and facts to find answers. He also gathered data from 171 countries.

"Attackers in the United States are more likely to use multiple weapons but on average attackers in the United States also kill fewer victims," Lankford said.

The reasoning behind that, Lankford says, is the amount of law enforcement here.

"We saw in the shooting this week, our law enforcement resolved that in ten minutes. That saves a tremendous number of lives and law enforcment in other countries aren't as good as that," Lankford explained.

Lankford says whether you believe it is a gun issue, mental health issue or anything in between, you have the power to change statistics.

"If people want this society to change you know they have to contact their politicians. They have to speak with their votes and with their outrage," Lankford said.

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