Good Day Alabama: Sept. 15, 2015

Good Day Alabama: Sept. 15, 2015

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MONEY TUESDAY - Stewart Welch joined us with advice on EE Bonds: Hold or Sell? When asked what a grandfather should do with his EE Bonds to pay for his grandson's college, Stewart said only bonds that are issued after 1989 would be eligible for the education exclusion for the interest. Since these bonds do not accumulate interest beyond thirty years, it appears your best bet is to cash them out and reinvest the net proceeds.  You should seek guidance from your CPA as to the timing as you may want to spread the redemptions over a couple of tax years. You should also consider using the proceeds to contribute to a 529 college savings plan - visit  For more informatIon, visit

NOAH GALLOWAY & JEH JEH LIVE @ GOLF TOURNAMENT -  The 67th National Amputee Golf Championship and International Cup runs this week at Bent Brook Golf Course. Participants include veterans, disabled golfers who have experienced an amputation, and the public. Special guests at this international event include NAGA Tournament Chair and Golf Professional - Birmingham's own Chris Osborne, who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. Also, the public can meet PGA pro Chad Pfeifer aka "Captain Clutch" from the Golf Channel's Big Break and Noah Galloway. Both of these athletes are also military veterans.  For more information visit

JEH JEH LIVE @ AUTOBAHN - The Autobahn Indoor Speedway hosts a day of grand opening celebrations today for the new location in the Birmingham area. The day features games, food and fun for all ages. The grand opening benefits The Boys and Girls Ranches of Alabama. Hundreds of racing fans are invited to attend! Notable attendees will include Autobahn Indoor Speedway Partners, Ownership and Management, City of Bessemer Officials and County Chambers of Commerce and the Birmingham Business Alliance, Representatives from The Boys and Girls Ranches of Alabama, and Tom Monroe, Hall of Fame Member, Professional Disc Golf Association. The celebration runs today from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. The PDGA Hall of Fame Member Tom Monroe gives a lesson to teach the game of Disc Golf between noon-2 p.m. and the ribbon cutting ceremony is from 1 p.m.-2 p.m. At the Autobahn Indoor Speedway, racers use top of the line go-karts and helmets on the Monaco-style tracks. The Autobahn Indoor Speedway is located at 5960 Greenwood Parkway, Bessemer, AL 35022. Autobahn Indoor Speedway will donate 50 percent of all proceeds from races held today to The Boys and Girls Ranches of Alabama, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing family-style residential homes for Alabama's needy, neglected, or abused, school-age children in an atmosphere where they may grow spiritually and physically into productive, responsible, and happy adults. For more information about the Autobahn's newest speedway visit:

WOMEN'S SOCCER - Janice talked with Gene Hallman with Bruno Event Team about the U.S. women's national soccer team/current FIFA World Cup Champions. The U.S. takes on Haiti at Legion Field on Sunday. The match begins at 1:30pm. Other cities that are hosting the friendly victory tour are Detroit, Seattle, Orlando, Pittsburgh and Chattanooga. Tickets can be purchased online at or Tickets start as low as $25 and will increase at the gates. You can find tickets at midfield, sidelines, corner, boxes, and more at all price points. The USA returns to Alabama for the first time in more than seven years. All 23 teammates will grace the cover of the latest issue of Sports Illustrated– this is the FIRST TIME EVER that EVERY member of a team has had a dedicated solo cover. Alex Morgan, forward, to appear on cover of FIFA16, becoming one of the first women to do so in the video game's history. Top Players include Christie Rampone - U.S. Captain, Abby Wambach -forward and 2012 FIFA Women's World Player of the Year and known as one of the greatest competitors/winners in history, and Hope Solo - Goalkeeper – who didn't become goalkeeper until College at the University of Washington. The United States Women's National Soccer team is controlled by the United States Soccer Federation and has proven to be one of the most successful teams in international soccer. The USWNT is currently ranked No. 1 after its 5-2 victory over Japan in the 2015 World Cup, and the first three-time FIFA Women's World cup winner. The Alabama Sports Foundation serves as the official sports lobby for the Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan Area, as well as the State of Alabama.  The Foundation's mission is to recruit, manage and promote major spectator sporting events throughout Alabama.  For more information on the Alabama Sports Foundation, please visit

BETH K - UAB Nutritionist Dr. Beth Kitchin joined us to explain a new blood pressure study. This week, there was big– really big – news in the blood pressure research. It seemed to resolve an ongoing controversy: how low should you go with treating high blood pressure in older people? Why is this controversial? Let's take a look at the issues:
• A healthy blood pressure is below 120/80 mm/Hg millimeters of mercury.
• High blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart disease and kidney disease.
• The guidelines for people over 60 have always been higher – 140/90 or lower. Then last year an expert panel recommended that it should be 150/90. Why the controversy? The data for older people did not show a clear benefit – and possible side effects – of keeping blood pressure too low. Blood Pressure Recommendations for adults under the age of 60 is  below 120/80 mm/Hg and for adults 60 or over is 140/90 mm/Hg.
• If you have to use medicines to get your blood pressure down to that level, there can be side effects that may outweigh the benefits.
• For instance, the medicines and possibly the lower blood pressure, could make people dizzy and increase the risk of falling.
• Other medications that a person is taking could also lead to side effects.
So this week, researchers from the SPRINT - the Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial - announced in a press release that there were big benefits to lowering blood pressure in older adults down to 120/80 mm/Hg– the same level for younger adults.
• The study began in 2009. The researchers randomly assigned 9,300 participants over the age of 50 - male, female, elderly, various ethnicities but without diabetes, prior stroke, or kidney disease - to one of two groups:

  • Treatment to get systolic blood pressure down to less than 140 or
  • Treatment to get systolic blood pressure down to less than 120

The researchers announced this week that the results were so favorable for the 120 or lower group that they were stopping the study. But the big problem with this announcement is that it comes with no data. The researchers have said the results will be published in a couple of months. At a news conference, one of the researchers stated that the risk of a heart event - such as a heart attack - was reduced by 30 percent and the risk of a cardiovascular death was reduced by 25 percent - but that is very skimpy data. These are "relative risks" that don't give you any actual numbers.  This brings up a big question– should they have announced this as a "landmark" finding before they even published their data?  We will re-visit this study and make recommendations after we see the actual data, the actual risk reduction, and some real numbers! If the data really is great, then this will be a game changer. But let's wait until we see some real data!

CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES - Marion County Firefighter Joel Bartlett recently returned from California and Washington where he helped fight wildfires there. Bartlett says there's a complexity to fighting these fires, and as much as they plan, there's little they can do when the fire ignites unexpectedly. When the wildfires move across brush, that's one thing. But when it moves across a neighborhood or city, then it's obviously much more dangerous. Recently the fire made it to a gas station. The pumps blew up creating an even bigger battle. Bartlett says the only thing that can really help is rain. California has been battling a severe drought and there seems to be no sign of relief.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, we gear up for the next big presidential debate! We look ahead to week three of college football! Signature Chefs invite you to join in the fun this week and one of the chefs joins us with a great recipe! The children's doctor joins us to take your questions about your kids' health! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!