DSU shooting suspect dead from self-inflicted gunshot wound

DSU shooting suspect dead from self-inflicted gunshot wound

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Breaking news this morning, the suspect wanted in connection to the Delta State University shooting is now dead.  Police say he died from self-inflicted gunshot wound after being tracked down to the Arkansas border by police.  We'll have a report from Mississippi.

A drug bust in Cleburne County, Heflin police say officers found drugs, guns and more during a traffic stop.

Developing in Marshall County, law enforcement authorities are investigating the death of a couple near Albertville.

Lovers of the outdoors, wildlife and hunting are concerned about state legislators talking about proposals to take money from the Department of Conservation and divert it elsewhere to help fix the general fund budget shortfall.  But opponents argue they're not taking away tax money, but the money hunters and fisherman pay for licenses to support conservation.  The director of the State Conservation Department joins us at 6:25 a.m.to discuss.

An American airlines flight makes an unscheduled landing after a passenger starts a fight mid-air!

Right now, authorities are searching for five people after deadly flash flooding near the Utah - Arizona border.

We'll talk with a local firefighter for perspective about what they're dealing with out west with massive wildfires.

Apple is expected record sales of its newest iPhone 6 and 6s due out later this month.  Apple hasn't released official numbers, but pre-orders are reportedly outpacing last year's record of 10-million sold the first weekend.

"So You Think You Can Dance" crowns its newest winner.  We'll tell you who won the big competition on Fox!

The fall temperatures continue this morning.  Mickey will tell you how long it will continue.

Mike, Mickey and Jeh Jeh will drive super-hyped go-karts later this morning as a new track is opening in town.

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