'Girlology' program helps moms, daughters talk about growing up

'Girlology' program helps moms, daughters talk about growing up

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Talking about maturing from a girl to a young women can be a tough conversation for moms to have with their daughters, but a national program coming to Birmingham seeks to make it easier.

It can be a tough conversations for moms to have with their daughters as they grow and mature into young women.

Girlology is a forum for 4th and 5th grade girls to attend with their moms about things like puberty, hygiene, self-confidence and nutrition. Children's of Alabama is sponsoring the Oct. 18 event in Birmingham.

Those involved with Girlology say it really will help to bridge what can be a communication gap on an important topic.

"It really at its core is a program that is made to offer a casual, very comforting conversation between mom and daughter. Sometimes it's hard for us as parents to get conversations like this going, but in a group setting with trained facilitators and trained pediatricians, really it's just a great opportunity for mom and daughter to get together and have a conversation they may not be able to have at their own house or with their pediatrician," John Stone, Children's Community Action Manager, said.

Girlology will be a two hour seminar held on Oct. 18 at Canterbury United Methodist Church from 2 p.m. to 4 pm. It's $75 per mother-daughter pair. Each girl will receive a goody bag with a book for their age group.

Canterbury United Methodist church is located at 350 Overbrook Drive, Birmingham 35213.

Preregistration is required and available here: http://events.girlology.com/node/221/23

Find out more about Girlology at www.Girlology.com.

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