Karle's Korner: An open letter to Nick Saban: It's time to join Twitter

Karle's Korner: An open letter to Nick Saban: It's time to join Twitter

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The following is a commentary blog from WBRC FOX6 News Sports Director Rick Karle:

Dear Coach Saban,

Here's hoping everything is going well in Tuscaloosa. While I know that you don't have much time for anything but football these days, (I mean, you barely have time to eat, witness the two Little Debbies for breakfast and chicken salad for lunch), but I wanted to be frank with you. While you are giving it all trying once again to reach the promised land, I want to strongly suggest that you take just a moment to... to.... OK, join Twitter!

I wrote a few months ago that it was my belief that you didn't need to join Twitter- after all, you've won 4 national championships without Twitter, so you're doing something right. But coach, it's time, and even you have suggested that you're about to make the move. I heard you tell my buddy Finebaum, "I don't know when, but I'm probably going to have to join Twitter. I really don't want to, but I'm probably going to have to."

Yes, coach, it's time- and I'm here to tell you that when an official Nick Saban account hits Twitter, you will kill it. I mean, you could actually land over a million Twitter followers in no time. Look, you're not going to be a Taylor Swift (67 million followers), Justin Bieber (63 million followers) or a Kim Kardashian (35 million followers), but let's face it, I don't think you'd want to be.

Need some motivation, coach? Tennessee's Butch Jones has more followers than any SEC football coach (206,600). Uh, Nick, this guy is 13-13 in Knoxville. Les Miles has over 175,000 followers and he eats grass. The Head Ball Coach? Steve Spurrier has 64,100 followers and I'm not sure if Steve knows what Twitter is. Just imagine what you could do! In case you're wondering, here's the coaches breakdown in the SEC:

Total Twitter Followers Among SEC Coaches:

    206,600   @UTcoachjones
    185,500   @markricht
    175,300   @lsucoachmiles
    137,600   @@bretbielema
    132,100   @coachgusmalzahn
    111,100   @coachhughfreeze
    97,200    @ukcoachstoops   (How'd that happen?)
    84,600    @coachdanmullen
    73,000    @coachsumlin
    64,100    @SC_HBC
    61,000    @garypinkel
    54,300    @coachmcelwain
    17,000    @coachderekmason

And you, coach Saban? Zero. Now many famous and successful people do not join Twitter, witness Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Charles Barkley, in fact Barkley tells me that everyone on Twitter is a loser- made me put my iphone away in a hurry. But that's Charles, coach, and it's high time you joined the fun and obliterated the numbers of the men above. FYI- the total Twitter followers of all SEC coaches is 1,400,900. I'm thinking you can top that number. No joke.

Want some more motivation to join? The college football coach with the most Twitter followers in America is a man named (drum roll, please) Urban Meyer. You're not going to let that weasel beat you on Twitter, are ya? Number two in America? Jim Harbaugh. Yep, two SEC wannabees from up north lead the nation. Here are America's top five:

Most Followed College Football Coaches:

    1.  Urban Meyer, Ohio State        309,800
    2.  Jim Harbaugh, Michigan         306,500
    3.  Butch Jones, Tennessee         206,600
    4.  Mark Richt, Georgia               186,500
    5.  Les Miles, LSU                       175,300

Here you have four coaches in the top five of Twitter-land being coaches you have smoked on the football field. Isn't it time to take the Crimson Tide nation to the Twitter mountaintop?

How about yet another reason to join Twitter?  Over the last few days, some fake Twitter accounts bearing your name have popped up. The bad news here? Many of your fans have been duped into thinking that you are actually sending out Tweets. If you would simply join Twitter and set the record straight, the Bama nation would be set straight as well. Need more? Since many of these fake accounts or parody accounts bear your name, if and when you DO join Twitter your options may be limited in what your account can be named. To save you time as I know you are busy, here are a few account titles that you might be able to gobble up, but only if you act fast.

Possible Nick Saban Twitter handles:


So there you have it, coach- reasons galore why you should make the move now. Don't worry about what to Tweet, just make it simple: Pictures of you setting a defensive back straight, maybe a few photos of those new $200,000 signature Nick Saban vans, maybe some inspirational morning messages for which we can start our days. Just remember, the more you Tweet the more trouble you can get in. So take it slow on your side, and watch your number of Twitter followers explode. Just make sure the first person you follow is @RickKarle


Rick Karle
Sports Director
Birmingham, AL
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