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Lifelong Crimson Tide fan sports artificial 'Bama' eye

Source: Josh Gauntt/WBRC Source: Josh Gauntt/WBRC
Source: Josh Gauntt/WBRC Source: Josh Gauntt/WBRC

How big a sports fan are you? One woman in Tuscaloosa is showing her Crimson Tide pride with one blink of her eye.

We ran into Mary Farr last week as the Million Dollar Band was practicing at Butler Field. She’s a huge Alabama fan.

"In my house, there’s nothing orange," Farr said.

Mary graduated from the University of Alabama in the late 1960s. She's now in her 70s and you can say she's been keeping a close eye on the Tide ever since.

"I love the Tide and we're going to be number one this year," Farr said.

Most of us are fortunate to have two eyes. But due to a plane crash in the 70s, Mary only has one working eye. In the other, she proudly wears her "Bama" artificial eye. She had it made a few weeks ago in Birmingham.

"I wanted the iris to be Crimson and my name "Bama" across the front of it," Farr said.

That's right, her middle name is also Bama. She was named after her grandmother whose name just happened to be Alabama.

"Why not? I mean if you have to have any eye, a fake eye, you might as well have one that says 'Bama' on it. I'm wearing it for every game this year," Farr said.

If you can't tell, Bama runs in her blood. She also tells us she recently overcame a brain tumor, something she knows could have taken her life in a blink of an eye.

"I've been through a lot of stuff. But I'm telling you I love the Crimson Tide. They are the best," Farr said.  "It's God, family and the Crimson Tide for me."

Mary is no stranger to Tuscaloosa. She said her family once owned the Waysider restaurant. You can catch more of Mary’s story this weekend when she joins Rick Karle and the gang for Tide & Tigers Today at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

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