Woman speaks out on being victim of alleged Northport peeping tom

Woman speaks out on being victim of alleged Northport peeping tom

Happy Friday morning! Here are just some of the stories we are working on for you this morning on Good Day Alabama:

A woman speaks out about being the victim of an alleged peeping tom in Northport.

A new warning if you're headed to Gulf Shores for Labor Day.  Officials are flying purple flags to warn swimmers about sharks.

Investigators are looking into a single incident involving a female teacher at Sparkman High School.   The teacher's name has not been released because no charges have been filed.

Kraft Heinz announced an expanded recall for its Kraft Singles products.   The company is pulling 335-thousand *more* cases of the cheese product.  We'll explain why.

Police in Midfield are warning you of a man they say is responsible for cloning debit and credit cards in the area.

Fairview High School may be in some trouble after the state did an audit and found some surprising details.

A 65-year-old man is in serious condition after being mauled by a shark in Australia.

Donald Trump signs a pledge to not run as an independent, should he fall short of getting the GOP nomination. Jeb Bush responds.

Joe Biden comments on a possible run for President.

Clare will be live from Atlanta, as Auburn gets set to kick off against Louisville on Saturday.

Nick Saban says on his radio show that they are confident in two quarterbacks playing against Wisconsin in Dallas.  But he did not specify which two.

Jeh Jeh gets us pepped up for some Friday night football.  He'll be live from Hueytown with a preview of Sideline, Week Three!

We check out some classic cars up for sale this weekend that you can add to your collection!

Mike brings us his top viral videos for the week in Dub's Dubs!

Plus, the weekend football forecast.

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