The latest on two journalists killed on live TV at 5 a.m.

The latest on two journalists killed on live TV at 5 a.m.

This morning on Good Day Alabama:

We are following up on the shooting in Virginia where a news reporter and videographer were killed by a disgruntled, former co-worker.  We remember the fallen morning TV crew as we hear from family members, co-workers and friends.  We also look at what can be learned, if anything, from the shooting.

Another violent death of a law enforcement officer in Louisiana.   A police officer has died after being shot on duty.

Retailer Walmart says that it will stop selling A-R 15's and other semi-automatic rifles.

Several birds at the Birmingham Zoo aviary have tested positive for a bacterial disease that can be passed on to humans.  We are live there with what you need to know if you plan on visiting the zoo.

Happening today, we're expected to learn more about how state budget cuts could impact our state parks.  Find out what the park officials are saying will happen if state legislators don't act.

New information tonight on how Anthony Ware died.  He's the man who died while in police custody in Tuscaloosa.  Toxicology reports found drugs in his system.

If you live in Winston County this could affect you.  There's a problem with the 9-1-1 system.  We'll tell you what you need to know and what officials are saying about the issue.

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