Golden Retrievers rescued from Istanbul streets arrive in Alabama

Golden Retrievers rescued from Istanbul streets arrive in Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - There are six new residents calling the Birmingham area home after being rescued off the streets of Istanbul, Turkey.

Six large Golden Retrievers got off of a 747 aircraft in Atlanta bound for foster homes in Birmingham. They had been dumped on the streets by their owners, once Golden Retrievers became so common in Istanbul, they were no longer status symbols. They even have their own passports.

"Basically we took in as many dogs as we could afford financially," said Lorrain Donald, the president of Adopt a Golden in Birmingham.

Donald and her board of directors are the people responsible for giving the dogs the chance for a much better life. In less than 24 hours, she knows these dogs will be a perfect, loving dog for the families lucky enough to be selected to be their owners, but only have those humans have extensive vetting by Adopt a Golden.

"Based on our very short experience so far, they appear to be extremely adaptable, they get along with other dogs. They're loving to people. I think for most of these dogs, they come from homes, so to be out on the streets and fend for yourself. No dog wants that but Golden Retrievers, in particular, it's just not their personalities. They are human dogs, they want to be with humans," Donald said.

On Monday, the six dogs enjoyed a bath a Wholesome Dog at noon and on Tuesday, they'll be at Oak View vet hospital in Pelham.

Eventually, they will be put up for adoption, and each one will cost $800. That might seem high, but the costs cover the plane trip, spay/neutering and put towards the hundreds of Goldens still in Turkey.

Donald and her husband adopted three Golden Retrievers and are vowing to help bring in the 700-800 Goldens.

"Basically the goal of the national Golden Retriever Group to get as many of the Golden Retrievers here with the help of the amazing volunteers in Turkey that want these dogs to have a better life," Donald said.

If you're interested in learning more about how to apply for adoption of the dogs from Turkey, or any of their other dogs, you can check out their web site here:

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