What's Appening? myHomework

What's Appening? myHomework

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - You've got a new backpack, new notebooks and a pack of new pencils. You're ready for school but don't forget to download some new apps for your smartphone.

According to a recent survey by McGraw-Hill Education, 81 percent of students use mobile devices to study. Most of them say the devices help improve their grades and better prepare them for class.

myHomework – Do your kids need help keeping up with their homework? Here's an app that comes to the rescue.

With myHomework students can keep up with homework, classes, academic calendars and even teachers. You just add your homework assignments throughout the day for each class. You can even set a high priority for a special assignment and put a reminder with it. If your teachers use the app you can get the whole class on the same page.

You can follow it by the month, week or day. It's free for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows. Check out myhomeworkapp.com for more information.

Here are some other suggestions on helpful, back-to-school apps:

Life360 – This app allows you to share your location with friends and family on a map. It's a great way for busy moms and dads to keep up the kids and all their after school activities. It will even send you an automatic alert when someone arrives at a location. You could set it to let you know when your child gets off the school bus or maybe when they arrive for piano lessons. It's free for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Brainscape - This app replaces index card flash cards. You create the flashcards on your mobile device and set the timing just right for you. It's free for iPhone and iPad.

Wikipanion – It's like having your own encyclopedia with you at all times. The app has custom formatting for the iPhone that makes every Wikipedia page easy to read and quick to load. It's Free for iOS.

MathCrunch - Just snap a photo of the math problem you're working on and instantly connect with a tutor, 24/7. Problem solve together. The app is
free for iOS and Android, tutoring can be purchased starting for $12 for 30 minutes of help.

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