City council pay by the numbers, amid controversy in Birmingham

City council pay by the numbers, amid controversy in Birmingham

Some of the stories we are working on for you this morning on Good Day Alabama:

On the morning after Birmingham City Council President, Johnathan Austin appeared on Good Day Alabama, a look at what other cities are paying their city council members.

Birmingham police are asking the city council to address the department's deficient car fleet.

It may be time to run those sprinklers again. Mickey says the rain chances will be diminishing.  He'll tell you what you need to know heading out the door.

The special session ends without a general fund budget getting passed.   We'll talk with two Alabama lawmakers why they were unable to come to any sort of budget solution.

The votes are in for Sunday alcohol sales in three different cities in St. Clair County.  We'll tell you how the vote turned out.

An update to the story developing in Mississippi, where a young couple was arrested for trying to join ISIS.

The Texas Police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man last Friday has been fired.

More on the story you're definitely talking about on our Facebook page.  Close to 1,000 shares and hundreds of you all are commenting and the elderly woman *kicked* out of Georgia church for not tithing.

Jeh Jeh takes us out to the ballgame for some fast pitch softball!

We get a lesson CPR for babies! And we look at the benefits of breastfeeding and talk with an expert with advice for moms just getting started all the way to wrapping it up.

Mickey catches up with his buddies at the Birmingham Zoo.

And, we get some gardening advice.

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