Suspect in Birmingham detective beating makes first court appearance

Suspect in Birmingham detective beating makes first court appearance

This morning on Good Day Alabama:

Today, the first court appearance for the man charged with beating a Birmingham officer.  We'll talk live with the President of the Fraternal Order of Police about his response to public outcry over photographs posted of the injured officer.

Severe storms overnight caused some damage to parts of our viewing area. Mickey is here to tell you if the rough stuff continues this morning.

The Birmingham City Council facing criticism over abruptly approving a proposal to triple their pay. Councilman, Jonathan Austin joins us in studio at 7:10 a.m. to address the criticism.

More arrests overnight in Ferguson, Missouri.  We'll have reports from the protests.

Right now, we're working to get more information about a house fire in Tuscaloosa.  Terri Brewer is there live.

New charges against the man accused of beating Talladega's mayor, who joined us yesterday morning on Good Day from his hospital room.  71-year-old Benny Green now faces first-degree assault charges.

New this morning out of Mississippi: Two people are in custody after attempting to join ISIS. We'll have the story.

A woman survives a bear attack on a popular hiking trail in Virginia.  This morning she's talking about the terrifying moment and how she managed to get away.

A science teacher from Iowa who made national headlines after losing more than 60 pounds and improving his blood pressure and cholesterol eating only McDonald's for six months comes to town and shares his story with us!

What's the best strategy for you and Social Security? We find out in Money Tuesday,

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