What's Right With Our Schools: 5 tips to get ready for back to school

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Many school systems are only about halfway through summer break but it's already time to start preparing to go back to school.

Anchor Sarah Verser spoke to some educators about five essential tips to help prepare your child to get ready for the first day of classes.

1. A routine bedtime.

Vestavia Hills Elementary West Assistant Principal Alicia Hunsberger says research shows young elementary school kids need 10 to 13 hours of sleep each night. She said it's important to have an early bed time so they can be up early enough for school.

2. Eat a good breakfast.

3. Establish a morning routine. Share with your kids what you expect them to do in the morning before school, from making the bed to grabbing their lunch from the fridge.

"Whatever those routines are for you, get those started and give your kids a little visual to help them," Hunsberger said.

4. Read to and/or with your kids each night.

"It's really crucial for kids to hear a good reader, reading often. And that really affects their fluence, and it affect the conversations you have in your home about reading," Hunsberger said.

5. Talk positively about school. Educators say this can help kids work through frustrations and fears about class time.

"So calm their nerves by helping them problem solve some things they can do. So engaging students in positive conversation is really helpful," Hunsberger said.

Because they may have a teacher like Maggie Carmichael who is just as excited to get back to school.

"I just can't wait to meet my kids, you know, and get to know their little personalities, their quirks, you know, and kind of what makes them them," Carmichael said.

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