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A Marine's last message to his girlfriend and stores play catch up to keep your credit card safe

Caroline Dove. (Source: WTOC) Caroline Dove. (Source: WTOC)

Good evening from the desk of Jonathan Hardison. I hope you had a nice day. Check out some of the stories we're working on for you tonight:

The last text message

“11:02 is when I got that message saying active shooter...and that's when I realized-- I need to try to get in touch with him." That’s what the
girlfriend of one of the Chattanooga shooting victims is telling us tonight in an exclusive interview you’ll see only on FOX6 News at 9 about the moment she got a text from her boyfriend that his life was in danger.

Keeping your data safe
And after the Target hacking last Christmas we’ve seen a big push to move towards credit cards with microchips in them instead of the old magnetic stripe to keep your data more secure. But most stores haven’t ponied up for the new card readers which means a card with a chip won’t help you -- yet. So how do we keep our credit data safe while we wait for the technology upgrade? Only on FOX6 News at 10, we have some practical ways to protect yourself and your money.

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