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Family remembers tractor-trailer wreck victim


A truck driver killed in a fiery tractor-trailer wreck last week on I-20. Michael Hacker, 53, died after the tractor trailer he was driving hit another semi and burst into flames.

Darci Lynch, Hacker's daughter, said her father was a family man who loved his grandchildren, and now she needs help to give him the funeral he deserves

The traffic is moving on I-20 now, but Wednesday it was at a complete standstill as crews worked to put out a tractor-trailer fire that took Hacker's life.

His body was burned beyond recognition, but after the autopsy was performed, Lynch said with one phone call, the family received devastating news. 

"The gentleman kind of informed my mom that they suspected that the driver could have been my father, and started asking for identifying markers," Lynch said. "And at that point, I had heard enough of the conversation that I lost it."

She said her father drove tractor-trailers for more than 20 years, and he loved his family more than anything. 

"My dad's world revolved around his grand kids," Lynch said. "He loved every minute of being a grandfather. My 6-year-old cried and cried. He remembers my dad as being the one to give him his nickname and you know, he's always sending them Dale Earnhardt Jr. things, and they very much loved their Pop Pop." 

Lynch said the company Hacker worked for is only able to provide $2,500 in workers compensation to help pay for funeral expenses. Lynch said until the family gets help, there isn't much they can do. 

"My dad is sitting in a cooler until we can get the funds together to do this," she said. "I can't do anything with my dad until I have funds."  

If you would like to help the Hacker family with the funeral expenses, you can mail donations directly to Music Funeral Services, c/o Hacker Family, 88 West Main St., Lakeland, GA 31635, or click here to donate online. 

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