5,800 still without power in Birmingham

5,800 still without power in Birmingham

Some of the stories we are working on this morning for you on Good Day Alabama:

About 5,800 without power still, mainly south Birmingham and over-the-mountain areas.

Former President George H.W Bush is listed in stable condition after a fall at his home in Maine.

Nick Saban received some criticism from national sports media at SEC Media Days. Paul Finebaum will join us at 7:30 a.m with his take on that.

Texas Tech cheerleader, Kendall Jones, joins us at 8 a.m..  She faces mounting criticism over her hunting kills in Africa which she posts online.  Her posts have gone viral as hunters support her, but animal rights groups criticize her.

We broke this story on Good Day Alabama yesterday - Shelby County authorities have named a suspect in the death of 18-year old Haleigh Green.
now, they're looking for him.

The Vestavia Hills school board decided to keep the Rebels name, but rebrand the mascot.  We'll have reaction.

Longtime Birmingham and Alabama football radio voice, Doug Layton has passed away.  

Trending overnight: the ESPY's.  Some emotional moments sparking varied feedback from you on social media.

Amazing images of the planet, Pluto to share this morning.

President Obama didn't like a question from a reporter during a press conference to discuss the Iran nuclear agreement.  We have the video.

We told you about the FDA's stronger warnings now about Ibuprofen.  At 6:25 a.m, a doctor explains what this really means for you and your health.

Plus, Mickey will tell us if the afternoon/evening thunderstorms will continue today.

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