Residents missing after Morris house fire located safe

Residents missing after Morris house fire located safe

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BBJ - Mike talked with Alan Alexander from the Birmingham Business Journal about local business headlines. They discussed the help that Innovation Depot provides start up businesses and the possible need for the next step to help these businesses who outgrow their area and need a new business space. They also discussed how local hospitals use patient navigators to meet the demand for medical treatment and communication with patients. For more on these and other business stories, visit

LEE GREENWOOD - When Lee Greenwood penned the empowering words of his multi-chart No. 1 "God Bless The USA" in the back of his tour bus in 1983, he had no idea they would become the words of the most recognizable patriotic song in America over the last century -- he was just speaking from his heart. The son of a World War II veteran, his authentic life-long patriotism of the United States compelled him to write two former books, Does God Still Bless The USA: A Plea For A Better America, and God Bless The USA: Biography of A Song. Now, with the hope of ingraining life-long pride and patriotism for America in our country's youngest generation, he releases his first children's book, Proud To Be An American. It landed in stores Memorial Day Weekend. The book marks his third professional work as an author, and features poignant lyrics from "God Bless The USA" paired with colorful, thought-provoking illustrations by Amanda Sekulow. The book also includes a FREE song download, and its foreword tells the true story of his childhood upbringing that led him to become an American patriot. He says, "Growing up on my grandparents farm in California gave me an appreciation for folks who worked hard and got by on very little. My grandparents lost their farm after government regulations prevented them from farming the more profitable fields. But they didn't question why it happened; they just started a new business. They believed no matter what difficulties we experienced, we would be okay because we were free. America is still the greatest country on earth. As you sit reading the words of my song to your child or grandchild in my new book, it is my hope that young and old alike will feel tremendous pride in being citizens of the United States of America." In conjunction with the release of Proud To Be An American, Greenwood will continue his long-standing position as the National A mbassador for Helping A Hero. Proud To Be An American is published by Clovercroft Publishing in Franklin, Tenn. Lee will be signing copies of his new best-selling children's book PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN at the Books-A-Million in Birmingham at Brookwood Village from 6 to 7:30 p.m. tonight.

ZOO CREW - Kelly Garrison  joins us from the Birmingham Zoo to introduce Mickey to an Egyptian Tortoise. To learn more information about the animal or visit the zoo, go to

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