Moody Library hosts kiosk with info about county extension

What's Right with our Schools: Moody Library hosting county extension kiosk
Source: WBRC video
Source: WBRC video

MOODY, AL (WBRC) - A new part of the Moody Library is the first of its kind in the state.

A free standing kiosk is designed to put everything you need to know about the county extension in one easy-to-access place.

"We went to topics and then we went to these titles and resources and we just looked at stuff that looked interesting," 13-year-old Lindsey Richardson said about the new kiosk.

The fact that she is even looking at the kiosk is exactly what extension coordinator Lee Ann Clark had in mind.

"I run into people every day that they have no clue what extension is and that bothers me and so I am always thinking of ways that I can get the word out about what all we have to offer," Clark said.

At the kiosk, you have access to the hundreds of programs available to you and funded through Alabama A&M and Auburn University.

"We bring the cutting edge research that those universities do out to the people in the counties," Clark said.

The problem is most people have no idea.

You may recognize 4-H, but did you know veterans can get connected to all kinds of services and senior citizens can get vouchers for area farmers markets?

"We actually have a workshop this Saturday. We're going to teach all about food preservation and canning and we are actually going to go in the kitchen and can green beans using a pressure canner and tomatoes with a hot water bath," Clark said.

Moody Mayor Joe Lee says even he's learned a lot and was glad to be the first city in the state to host it.

"It's great for not only St. Clair County but Moody citizens as well, for those that don't have internet service, they're able to come in during library and do all their research right here," Mayor Lee said.

It got Lindsey's attention.

"Because of teens these days, we like technology and stuff like this and it just looks really cool and easy to find," she said.

So whether you are 13, 43 or 83 years old, Clark says there is something here for everyone packaged in a way you'll notice.

"At the bottom of the kiosk it has our tag line, it says "Cooperative Extension. Extending knowledge. Changing lives," Clark said.

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