Where is the love? Tips for online dating

Where is the love? Tips for online dating

Here's what you saw on Good Day Alabama on July 9, 2015:

AGING GRACEFULLY - Dr. Wayne Fleisig, a Psychologist at Childrens of Alabama, joined us with advice on a ccepting getting older. He says:
- See the positives in getting older
- Use the changes in you and your life in a positive way
- Take time to figure out what is important in life
- Make necessary changes in your life
- Develop an attitude of acceptance

SUMMER SKINCARE - Sara McKnight and Amanda Carnes joined us to discuss Summer Skincare. Prepare your skin when spending the day out side by using a daily moisturizer - this helps your skin stay firm and youthful. On days that you are headed outside to the pool, beach or lake, be sure use SPF. This protects from UVA and UVB rays that cause sunburn, as well as moisturize. Be sure to apply 30 minutes prior to going outside.  You should re-apply every 3-4 hours, as well as anytime you get out of the water.  Use your daily skin care routine with cleanser and moisturizer to revitalize your skin after  day in the sun. Add in an exfoliator to clear away any dead skin cells. Try a self tanner to look like you have a tan without spending time in the sun. Use hats to shade your face and sunglasses to shade your eyes and the skin around your eyes which is extremely sensitive. Try a light weight shawl to cover up and still stay cool.

WHERE IS THE LOVE - Mike talked with Dr. Misty Smith, LPC, from Convenient Therapy about safety tips for online dating.
1. Careful of photos and identifying information shared 
2. Watch for red flags and play detective
    a. If he/she looks too good to be true...
    b. Ask questions and then ask them again 
3. Be extremely cautious on first dates
    a. always let someone know the plan
    b. always meet at a public place
    c. never let them know where you live 
4. Carry protection
For more information, you can contact Dr. Smith at 205-529-2731 or visit convenienttherapy.com.

HOMEBREWING COMPETITION - Matt Kilpatrick discussed homebrewing. He explained the four ingredients of beer: water, hops, barley, yeast. He also discussed the brewing process and a homebrewing competition. AlaBev launches its first homebrew competition, Master of the Brew this week. The competition culminates at a Uncorked! On the Green at Ross Bridge on Saturday, October 10 from 2:30pm to 5pm, where the winner will be announced. AlaBev is excited to provide home brewers with a platform to take their beer public with the inaugural competition. AlaBev is accepting entries for Fall or Winter seasonal brews. You have approximately two and a half months to test out your recipes and develop the perfect beer.  The top brews will be sampled alongside AlaBev's vast portfolio of craft beers at Uncorked! On the Green to the public with opportunity to win Best Beer, Most Unique Style and Most Creative Name as voted on by the public.  An expert panel of judges will select AlaBev's Master of the Brew, which will receive the opportunity to brew 15bbls at Avondale Brewing Company. Hop City is currently taking applications for the competition. All submissions are due by Saturday, September 26. Applications are available at uncorkedonthegreen.com/. There is a $25 registration per beer. Each home brewer may enter up to 2 beers. Home brewers should provide two 12-22 ounce bottles per entry. Amateur home brewers, age 21 and up will qualify.  For a full list of rules and regulations, visit uncorkedonthegreen.com.  Uncorked! On the Green is a free beer and wine festival at Ross Bridge on October 10 from 12pm until 5pm and supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama. The festival celebrates the area's varied culinary artists, fine wines, craft beers, live  music, local and regional music, children's activities and more.

OUR HOUSE - Cathy Borden with Home Depot coverED tool box basics and how to build the perfect tool box for your house. An actual toolbox is important because it is one location for all your tools. Typically tools are kept in different parts of the house and/or different drawers. That makes it easy to lose them. A toolbox or bag keeps the tools together in one location. For projects like replace damage trim, base boards, or furniture - make sure you have a small prybar, a mini hacksaw, a hammer, screwdriver, and nails/screws. To hang pictures or curtain rods, you also need a stud finder and a level. For leaky toilets, you should add pliers and an adjustable wrench or vise grip to your collection. Keep WD40 on hand for squeaky doors or to break through rusty bolts. And remember to always use safety glasses on all projects!

PET OF THE WEEK - Pamela Harris from the Shelby County Humane Society introduces us to a dog named Shadow that needs a new home. For adoptions, call 205-669-3916 or visit shelbyhumane.org.

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