SC lawmakers vote to remove Confederate flag from Capitol grounds

SC lawmakers vote to remove Confederate flag from Capitol grounds

Some of the stories we are following this morning for you on Good Day Alabama:

South Carolina legislators vote to remove Confederate Flag from Capitol grounds after a heated debate.

We are working to get more information on an early morning car crash off Morgan Road in Jefferson County. Rescue crews were on the scene where a vehicle left the road.

Developing in Blount County, Clare Huddleston is working to learn more about what happened to a man found dead in Blountsville.

Happening today, the search for a missing Shelby County woman continues. What authorities are asking you to do to help in the search.

One Calhoun County deputy is being hailed as a hero after saving a mom and three kids from a burning car.

The city of Tuscaloosa will become smoke-free - really soon.  We'll explain the new ordinance being passed down.

A cyber forensics expert joins us at 6:25 a.m. Is it too early to say yesterday's "glitch" problems at the NYSE, United Airlines and the Wall Street Journal were all just a coincidence?

A packed house filled the Vestavia Hills school board meeting to voice opinions on the Col. Rebel mascot.

A woman crashed her car, wiping out the entrance to the department of motor vehicles office in Huntsville. This was just after her son passed a driving test.

Actor Tom Selleck is in hot water for allegedly taking water from a hydrant, without authorization, in drought-stricken California.

Some amazing video of whales captured by a couple vacationing in Alaska,

A fight at a Panera Bread has gone viral because the manager is the one throwing the punch!

We show you how to build the perfect tool box for all the basic tools you need around your house!

Look your best this summer! We get pointers from a professional with the latest make-up trends.

The Love Doctor joins us with warnings to keep you safe when looking for love online!

Tried your hand at homebrewing yet? Find out how you can enter your brew in a new contest,

Plus, Mickey will tell you when you can expect some rain again.

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