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Charles Barkley on Confederates, Christianity, Charleston and coping with loss

Charles Barkley talks with Rick Karle. (Source: WBRC video) Charles Barkley talks with Rick Karle. (Source: WBRC video)

It was only a few weeks ago that he lost his mother Charcey. Surrounded by family and friends, Charles Barkley pulled through as he dealt with the pain.

Last Friday, he reached out to say he needed to “get back to being Charles Barkley.”

So we went and listened intently as he spouted off in front of our cameras on such subjects as the Confederate flag, same-sex marriage, politics, religion, gambling and Twitter.

One thing we all know about Charles Barkley: We don’t agree with everything he says, but quite frankly, he doesn't care. We also know that Barkley is perhaps the most uncensored, unplugged athlete of his time. So when we chatted with Charles, we knew to prepare for just about anything.

And that's exactly what we got:

On people criticizing his gambling habit: “I don’t listen to the critics, I’m famous. It’s like the homecoming dance- all of the ugly girls are jealous of the homecoming queen.”

On why he’s not on Twitter: “Because I don’t want to listen to those fools. Twitter is for losers.”

On the confederate flag: “I would hope that people have enough respect for me as a black man not to fly the flag in public.”

When asked if he’s a Christian: “I’m not, but I also am not sure what I am. I am very confused about that right now. How can God give me this great life but then allow someone to walk into His house and kill nine people?”

The interview with Charles lasted about 45 minutes and didn't include a single question about basketball. Above, you'll find ten minutes of the best of Barkley. Or depending on your opinion, maybe the worst.

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