Karle's Korner: Dino Talk: Who will be the Indominus rex of the SEC in 2015?

Karle's Korner: Dino Talk: Who will be the Indominus rex of the SEC in 2015?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The following is a commentary blog from FOX6 Sports Director Rick Karle:

I have to come clean: Years ago I was a big dinosaur kid, you know, a 10-year old who actually knew the difference between a Brontosaurus and a Brachiosaurus (don't ask me today). So as I watched the new movie Jurassic World with my daughter last Sunday, I (somewhat) enjoyed watching the lab-created Indominus rex stomp around and eat people. All right, training those Velociraptors was a bit of a stretch: I can't train my dachshund to sit and this dude was telling killer dinosaurs to chill. Was it all a variation on a theme? Well, yes, but I must not be alone in thinking this movie was passable seeing how the flick is the fastest to reach the $500 million mark in movie history.

Now the bad news: Jurassic World may be the last movie I see until early next year. College football season is just over 60 days away, and between late August and mid-December I'm lucky if I get thirty minutes for dinner. So before we dig in on college football, I offer up the six football players who may wind up being the Indominus rex of the SEC. Keep in mind the Indominus rex measures 40 feet long, runs 30 miles an hour and has a roar that measures 160 decibels, about as loud as an airplane's jet engine. Which player is big, strong and scary? Here are my top six candidates from the Fox6 sports office:

*LaQuon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss:

This Rebel receiver is the real deal, and much is expected of him in his upcoming junior season. A pre-season second team All-American in 2014, Treadwell's season came to a screeching halt after suffering a broken fibula against Auburn last November. Treadwell is good to go for 2015 as the 6-foot-2, 215 pounder looks to move up the Ole Miss career record list (he's currently 13th all-time at OM for career receptions).

*Duke Williams, WR, Auburn:

It was the worst news Bama fans could hear only months ago: Auburn receiver Duke Williams announced he would return to AU in 2015. This big body is predicted to be the top receiver chosen in the 2016 NFL draft, and for good reason. Duke's size (6-foot-2, 225 lbs) makes for a true Tiger weapon, and he's just warming up. In 2014 Williams had four 100-yard receiving games while leading his team in receptions. And Duke will be ready to host the Crimson Tide as in last fall's Iron Bowl he had 7 catches for 121 yards. If Jeremy Johnson is on his game, Duke Williams may soon be getting some Heisman buzz.

*Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU:

Born in the 7th ward of New Orleans, this young man stands 6-foot-2, 225 pounds. As shown last fall against Texas A&M, this kid does not hesitate to put his head down and bowl over would-be-tacklers like a T-Rex.

In 2014, the then-LSU freshman struck a Heisman pose following his first collegiate score, and then went on to back it up by averaging over 100 yards rushing over the last seven games of the season. Fournette rushed for 79 yards against Bama in that epic battle in Baton Rouge, and says he's ready for a bigger season as he's actually lost weight. Says Fournette, "I feel like I'm faster." Lord help all the mere mortals trying slow him down.

*Dak Prescott, QB, Miss State:

His 2014 stats were absolutely gaudy: 3449 passing yards and 27 TD's, 986 rushing yards. Add it all up and the Miss State quarterback chalked up 4435 yards and 41 total TD's. Prescott had twelve 200-yard passing games and led the SEC in total offense. He broke twelve Miss State single season records in 2014, and not only asserted himself as the SEC's top quarterback but a Heisman candidate. In 2014, Prescott joined Johnny Manziel as the only player in the last seven years to average over 240 passing yards and over 75 rushing yards per game. If there is a quarterback in the SEC that can roar like a dinosaur, it could be "Indominus Dak".

*Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama:

This young man may not be a dinosaur but he's surely a beast, a creature that doesn't come along too often. Derrick Henry has an unfathomable work ethic, finishing his morning workout before you enter REM sleep.

The 6-foot-3, 242 pounder out of Yulee, Fla can, like the Indominus rex, stomp on people and keep moving. The nation's all-time high school career rusher (over 12,000 yards), Henry is like a steamroller without brakes.

Last fall the big guy ran for just under 1,000 yards while averaging 5.8 yard per game. He turned in 21 explosive plays of 12 yards or more while converting a total of 47 first downs. Derrick averaged 14.4 yards per carry in the Iron Bowl and had breakaway runs of 49 and 25 yards against Auburn. Has Henry matured? The answer is "yes", and that may friend, is downright scary.

*Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia:

This sophomore-to-be covered more ground than a Pterodactyl in 2014, running for 1547 yards and 14 touchdowns (Todd Gurley who?). Chubb averaged 7.1 yards per carry, and at 215 pounds and growing, he's on nearly everyone's pre-season All-SEC list. Visions of greatness followed him last fall when he rushed for 144 yards against Auburn, leaving Tiger defenders waving goodbye as he ran past them. Chubb had 202 rushing yards against Arkansas, and in that game was just warming up. Keep in mind that Chubb split time with Gurley throughout most of the 2014 season and never ran full-time until Gurley was suspended. Have you seen a 2015 Heisman contender list lately? Chubb tops most lists.

So who will be the Indominus rex of the SEC in 2015? Pick your poison, as you can't go wrong. And back to the movie Jurassic World: My review is simple: Wait for the flick to be shown at the dollar theater- that way you can enjoy the effects on the big screen without spending all of that money. Besides, a good college football game is better theater than that movie any day of the week.

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