1 decapitated in attack on French gas factory

1 decapitated in attack on French gas factory

This morning on Good Day Alabama:

A French security official says an attack and explosion at a gas factory in southeastern France has left one person dead.

New evidence that the Charleston church shooter was possibly planning a more massive, sinister plot. It's been revealed that in the spring, he was discovered by police to have several rounds for an assault rifle in his car, but told police he did not have money for an assault rifle.

Also breaking overnight: nine people are believed dead after a sightseeing plane crashed in Alaska.

A fatal crash on Interstate 75 in Chattanooga has claimed the lives of six people. At least fifteen people were involved in the crash.

Hoover police make an arrest in a credit card skimming investigation.

How does Courtney Love become involved in the violent Uber protests taking place in Paris? We'll explain.

The Supreme Court rules to keep intact the federal subsidies given to those cannot afford insurance in state's where exchanges were not set up. We have more reaction.

The Supreme Court is expected to possibly make definitive ruling on same-gender marriage either today or Monday.

Mickey says we have some rain headed are way, then cooler temperatures.

Britton will inform you about a construction project on I-59 that could cause you some travel headaches,

Jeh Jeh gets us pumped up for the Heart Walk!

Comedian Steve McGrew kicks off our weekend with some laughs!

We look at the impact of the planned bridge re-construction on I-20/59 through downtown Birmingham.

Mike brings us his popular Dub's Dubs with some great viral clips,

and we check out your entertainment headlines,

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