New teachers gain experience at UAB's Children's Creative Learning Center

What's Right With Our Schools: New teachers gain experience

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - New teachers can get valuable classroom experience before they head into the classroom this fall as student teachers.

Erin Keenan, a veteran teacher and mentor for UAB's Children's Creative Learning Center at Glen Iris Elementary, says a teacher's first time in the classroom can bring as much or more anxiety as a child's first time in school.

"You can't really prepare for how terrifying that is. You can do lots of planning and…make a lesson plan, but until you actually meet the children, you never know how that is going to go," Keenan said.

She says that's why this partnership between UAB and the Birmingham Schools over the summer is so important. The opportunity is not wasted on Jade Whitfield who will start student teaching this fall.

"This has just been tremendous because when we started just a few weeks ago, nobody was there to help us, nobody was there to tell us what classroom management plan we could use, it's basically just putting us in the classrooms and we had to do it for ourselves," Whitfield said.

"It's a great benefit for our UAB students because they are getting to get in the classroom to practice before their student teaching experience that starts in the fall and it's also a great benefit for the Glen Iris kids to kind of continue and enhance the learning that went on in the school," Keenan said.

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