Jorden T.

(Source: Heart Gallery Alabama)
(Source: Heart Gallery Alabama)

Jorden, born February 1998, is very creative and artistic. He is intelligent, but does not always apply his best efforts at school. While Jorden has been in care since he was 5 years old, his three sisters, one older and two younger, are not in care. He did not have any family contact for years because the sisters were taken by other relatives and then moved from the area. He has had contact (mostly phone) with an aunt and his sisters (mostly his oldest sister) for the past couple of years, and this has been very important for him. It is important for Jorden to maintain these relationships.

Jorden desires a family with both a mother and father, but he needs a strong male figure in his life. He has suffered many losses and disappointments in his short life which has resulted in anger issues for him. Jorden can be very polite and respectful, but he struggles with impulse control which causes him to end up in trouble frequently.


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