Join us for FOX6 News after the U.S. Open!

Join us for FOX6 News after the U.S. Open!

Happy Friday from the desk of Jonathan Hardison! I hope you're having a nice evening and here are some of the stories we're working on for you tonight.

Shooter's family releases statement

The family of the Charleston church shooter released a statement late today sending their sympathies to the families of Dylan Roof's victims and tonight after the U.S. Open we'll share what else Roof's family is saying about the man who apparently sat with his victims during a Bible study for an hour before opening fire.

Preventing snake bites
Also new tonight we're tracking a big uptick in poisonous snake bites in Alabama (45 so far this year) and tonight she's talking to poison control about what to do (obviously call 911, but beyond that), and cutting through some of the myths about how to save yourself.
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