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What does the transfat ban mean for your health? And Fairfield has serious 911 woes

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Greetings from the desk of Jonathan Hardison! I hope you're having a good evening. Here are some of the stories we're working on for tonight.

FDA fights fat

If you're eating, don't read this until you're done. We've got a crude visual for you tonight to illustrate how impactful this new U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ban on artificial transfats may be. When you grill a burger and all of the juices kind of run off into that containment area and then congeal into a white fatty paste? Yeah, that's what transfats look like inside your digestive system, or so says a West Alabama health expert we're talking to tonight about how this new ban will eventually affect your diet.

Fairfield 911 woes
Folks in Fairfield are dealing with an at-times dysfunctional city council and a severe cash crunch but now they have to worry that their 911 calls from a cell phone may be routed to the wrong city. Christy Hutchings has a warning tonight that could save you valuable seconds if you're calling in an emergency and it's something we all should be doing, whether we live in Fairfield or not.

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