Great Father's Day gifts for first time Dad's!

Great Father's Day gifts for first time Dad's!

Here's what saw on Good Day Alabama on June 16, 2015:


- UAB Nutritionist Dr. Beth Kitchin told us about a new study that shows that you don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive diet plans to lose weight. Researchers followed participants in TOPS - Take Off Pounds Sensibly - and found that 50% of the people who joined lost a modest but meaningful amount of weight after their first year in the program. 7 years later, 62% of those participants were able to keep the weight off. These are some pretty remarkable statistics when in general, maintaining weight loss is the unattainable holy grail for most people. TOPS is like a club – it costs about $92 a year – a $32 membership fee and then monthly meetings at $5 a month. There are group meetings led by peer leaders. They don't sell products or promote any one particular diet. In fact, if you visit their website, you pick your own weight loss plan based on the

or on the exchange system – a plan used for both diabetes and weight loss. No foods are off limits – it's all about flexibility and a plan you can live with lifelong. The website recommends that your doctor or other healthcare professional helps you choose the plan that's right for you. This is good news in an industry where consumers get hooked into spending a lot of money on supplements or expensive meal replacement plans. The other commercial weight loss programs that gets high rating is Weight Watchers. Both of these plans have online programs for people who can't or don't want to attend meetings in person. Check out their website:



- Stewart Welch of the Welch Group joined us with some insight on Credit Monitoring Services. He says they are worth the expense if you can afford them. He says if someone opens a credit card or account in your name today, the monitoring companies see it and send you an alert today. If you do the leg work yourself, you could wait months to get your credit report. You can get one free credit report a year from each of the three companies. He suggests ordering one from each of the three companies at different times throughout the year rather than all at once. Stewart also recommends you change your password periodicley. He recommends using a password manager app to keep them safe. But he also pointed out that one of the biggest password companies just reported a breach this week. For more information, visit



- It's known as the Taj Mahal of the aerospace industry, the International Paris Airshow. Mayor William Bell and Birmingham City Council President Johnathan Austin are currently at the annual show with one goal in mind: market all of the aerospace opportunities that exist within the Magic City. City leaders are specifically looking to showcase the Kaiser Aerospace Facility that sits adjacent to the airport. The 1.2 million-square-foot facility includes 10 pull-through hanger bays. The facility also includes two warehouses totaling 295,000 square feet which can house a number of distribution or manufacturing uses, as well as two paint booth rounds. We talked with Johnathan Austin live from Paris this morning about the trip. The International Airshow is known for connecting city leaders with companies around the world. Birmingham is just one of numerous cities in Alabama whom will take part in the event. City officials from Huntsville, Mobile, and Tuscaloosa are also attending the annual event, along with State Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey. The 51st air show takes place at the Le Bourget Parc des Expositions from June 15-21st. The first four days of the show are reserved for trade visitors, followed by three days open to the general public. The event, which is over a hundred years old, is the largest and longest-running aerospace trade show in the world. Since its launch, the show has been at the very heart of developments in the global aerospace market, for which it has become the most important meeting place over the years. The biggest aircraft manufacturers worldwide such as Boeing, Embraer, and Airbus have already confirmed their attendance, with many new products and innovations expected, given the numbers of ongoing projects in those companies. In addition to the meetings that will take place at the Air Show, Mayor Bell and President Austin will also travel to Germany to meet with Mercedes and Evonik Industries. Their trip abroad will conclude back in Paris with scheduled meetings between Mayor Bell, President Austin, and potential partners.


- Jeh Jeh joined us live from The North Birmingham Ecoscape, located at 2619 30th Avenue North where he learned about how youth can serve the community. YouthServe's Urban Service Camp is a five day residential summer camp in downtown Birmingham. We bring together a diverse group of youth, ages 13 -18, to get to know each other as well as our city. Get ready to settle in at the YWCA downtown and take a tour of historic Birmingham, play play at Railroad Park, swim at the YMCA Downtown Youth Center, play basketball at night, have scavenger hunts, and participate in artistic expression workshops. The youth will also participate in social change workshops that will deepen your understanding of your community. They will discuss issues such as food deserts, prejudice and privilege. The Urban Service Camp experience will hopefully nudge particpants out of their comfort zone, and empower them to be creative and effective leaders. The camps for 13-18 year olds run June 22-26, July 6-10, and July 15-17. For more information, visit



- Stuart R. Goldsby is the Regional Hunter Education Coordinator for Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. Today he discusses wildlife habitat management. Habitat is the most important issue for wildlife sustainability. For example, many animals need a generic field of native warm season grasses and "weeds" but specific animals have specific needs such as a flooded timber area. Land should be managed to the benefit of all wildlife. Sometimes less is more but sometimes land manipulation is beneficial to wildlife - for example: fire, removal of nuisance nonnative species, crop/tree plantings, water tanks, and wildlife openings. If you build it they will come. Remember, supplemental feeding, though legal, is not necessary and is not legal to hunt over. For more information on Adult Conservation and Landowner assistance programs, visit

. For more information call Outdoor Alabama's Wildlife section 334-242-3469, Enforcement section 334-242-3467, Fisheries section 334-242-3471, or visit



- Cecilia Pearson with Alabama Baby & Child Magazine showed us some great Father's Day gift ideas for the dad of a newborn.

She showed us:

1-Itzbeen Pocket Nanny™ Product - $24.95, Available at

, Babies R Us, buy buy Baby, Walmart, Target,

and numerous specialty retailers nationwide

2-Daddy & Co -

- Daddy Diaper Pack for $69.95 or The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox for $49.95

3-DadGear - DadGear Backpack diaper bag in Black Plaid pattern for $99 and DadGear Messenger diaper bag in Road Trip pattern for $89 -

4-IsabelleGraceJewelry - The Hipster Dad Keychain from IsabelleGraceJewelry -

, The Men's Initial Dog Tag Necklace - Isabelle Grace Jewelry men's collection -

, and show dad how much he rocks with the Guitar Pick Necklace from IsabelleGraceJewelry for $78 made of fine - .999 - silver. This charm can be personalized with a name up to 10 characters and a date.

. And the Hammered Tag Necklace from IsabelleGraceJewelry -

5-Diaper Dude - A diaper bag that dad won't shy away from! Specially designed for hip dads and moms, this cool sack has sporty messenger styling and lots of handy features for on-the-go parents. The Diaper Dude Officially Licensed MLB™ collection Atlanta Braves Diaper Dude bag is $77.99 -

. And the Camo Diaper Bag is $59.99 -


For more information on all of these, visit


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