Crews recover body of man who drowned in Coosa River

Crews recover body of man who drowned in Coosa River

10 stories we are working on this morning for Good Day Alabama:

Texas is bracing for  Tropical Storm Bill!

We are expecting very hot weather for a few days. Mickey will tell us when our best chance of rain and a cool down could occur. September maybe?

The body of a man who drowned in the Coosa River has been recovered.

The mayor and city council president join us from Paris to talk about justifying bringing business here over taxpayer money to take trips.

Al-Qaida has confirmed that their No. 2 leader has been killed by a U.S. drone strike,

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup!

The President of the Spokane, WA chapter of the NAACP has resigned. She's expected to speak today about why she lied about being African-American.

We'll talk with an expert on sharks to get some insight into the recent attacks and if there's any way they could've been avoided.

Are using those credit-monitoring services worth the fee? Is it easy to do yourself and save some money?

Our diet and nutrition expert will tell us if the diet plans you can pay for are worth the money.


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