Search continues for possible drowning victim in Coosa River

Search continues for possible drowning victim in Coosa River

This morning on Good Day Alabama:

We'll have a live report on the search for a drowning victim in the Coosa River,

A flesh-eating bacteria in the Gulf waters have beach-goers a little skittish,

We'll also have live reports from the North Carolina coast where two separate shark attacks led to serious injuries,

We'll also be live following up on a 2-year old who was shot in Birmingham,

The manhunt continues for those two escaped convicts from New York.

An early summer heat wave will be hitting our area for the next few days. Mickey will have more on that and a possible tropical disturbance that could affect us,

It was an eventful weekend for the city of Birmingham with a heavyweight fight and the Garth Brooks concert. We'll have a recap,

Almost like a scene from the movie, Jumanji, flooding in the country of Georgia led to zoo animals running the city streets. Wait until you see the video!

An investigation into the cyber-hacking of government agencies reveals a more widespread troublesome outcome where security clearance information could've been breached! We'll have a cyber-security expert explain the implications at 7:10 a.m.

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