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Hear from Irondale's Assistant Fire Chief about the rescue of 5 children from a house hit by a fallen tree on GDA.

Source: WBRC video Source: WBRC video

Some of the stories we are working on for you this morning on Good Day Alabama:

Strong storms once again swept through our area. We'll have a live report to survey the damage in Irondale where a tree fell on a house trapping a babysitter and kids inside!

Plus, Mickey will tell you if you need to be "weather aware" today,

Wes Wyatt also shares some amazing time-lapse video the storms moving in and out,

A mess created on I-459 early this morning because of truck load of lumber materials spilled on to the highway. We'll have a look at the mess,

A dramatic case of road rage caught on camera, but this one had a twist,

We follow up on the sad news of a Talladega native killed in Afghanistan working for the Department of Defense,

Disturbing cases of child-porn out of Huntsville this morning. One involving a school janitor and a boy scout leader!

The massive, nationwide manhunt for two felony convicts who escaped from prison continues. We'll tell you where the search turned up empty on a lead,

The stepfather linked to the brutal death of a 5-year-old in Auburn may have his first court appearance,

The police officer in Texas who was the center of the controversial handling of teenagers leaving a pool party, has resigned.

We get you and your kids prepared for the new SAT!

The doctor joins us to discuss anti-aging procedures and cosmetic surgery. She'll also take your questions!

Using pesticides in your garden could be doing more harm than good. The gardener offers advice to integrate pest management into your gardening!

Supt. Tommy Bice joins us to talk Alabama schools and budget concerns,


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