New events at the Birmingham Museum of Art, Football camp for children with special needs & Bow Up Against Breast Cancer

New events at the Birmingham Museum of Art, Football camp for children with special needs & Bow Up Against Breast Cancer

JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh joined us from the Birmingham Museum of Art to check out to big events! The new season of Art On The Rocks kicks off this Friday and a new exhibition of murals that recently opened based on Talladega College. The Birmingham Museum of Art's popular summer series Art On The Rocks, presented by Dale's Seasoning, is back for its 11th season! Featuring the best of Birmingham culture, Art On The Rocks collaborates with local artists, downtown businesses, and breakthrough musical guests to offer three Friday nights of art, performances, giveaways, food, and drinks. Opening of Rising Up: Hale Woodruff's Murals at Talladega College. In 1938 Atlanta-based artist Hale Woodruff was commissioned to paint a series of murals for Talladega College, Alabama, one of the first colleges established for blacks in the United States. Installed in the institution's newly constructed Savery Library, the six murals portray noteworthy events in the rise of blacks from slavery to freedom. Though he painted the murals for a local audience of students and faculty, Woodruff intended their impact to reach beyond Talladega's campus. They attracted national attention. Cultural leaders in the African American community, in particular, championed Woodruff's murals, adopting the project as a statement of pride and hope for racial equality. Today the murals remain symbols of the centuries-long struggle for civil rights. This project, a collaboration between the High Museum of Art and Talladega College, conserves these works and presents them to a national audience for the first time. For more information, tickets, and time, visit

BETH K - UAB Nutritionist Dr. Beth Kitchin joined us to discuss Gout - what she calls the "Disease of Kings and Commoners." When you think of gout, the image of an obese King Henry the Eighth chomping on a chicken leg and drinking a giant mug of beer may come to mind. And that image makes sense since a diet high in meat, alcohol and excess weight – among other things – increase the risk of gout. But this ancient disease of royalty affects us modern day commoners too. And, recent evidence shows the number of people suffering from gout is on the rise. What is gout? Gout is in the category of "rheumatic diseases" and is caused by uric acid crystals in the joints. Some people produce too much uric acid in their bodies. They may also have trouble getting rid of uric acid through the kidneys. This excess uric acid in the body can end up in the joints causing joints to swell. The swollen joints can last days to weeks and can be mildly to excruciatingly painful. Gout isn't just painful - it may be related to kidney stones and heart disease. Men are more likely to suffer from gout than women. Gout attacks are usually in the lower joints of the body – typically the big toe. These things increase gout: extra body weight, high blood pressure, diuretic use, and eating foods high in purines. Purines are essential substances that our bodies make and that are found in foods. Our bodies convert purines to uric acid. In people prone to gout, cutting back on high purine foods may help prevent future flair ups. Foods particularly high in purines include organ meats, anchovies, alcohol (particularly beer and liquor), meat, poultry, seafood, starchy beans, and some vegetables like asparagus, cauliflower, spinach. Now, it's hard to completely avoid foods in purines and luckily there are good medicines to treat gout. Your doctor can prescribe you medicines that will reduce the inflammation and the pain in the short term. Your doctor may also prescribe medicines that will help lower your blood levels of uric acid and prevent future flair ups. But losing weight and lowering blood pressure can also help you manage gout. Surprising Summer Fruit Connection - there is also some promising research on cherries and cherry juice for treating gout. Cherries may help the kidneys get rid of uric acid and lower the production of uric acid. You may see cherry extract in the future as a treatment for gout. In the meantime, fill up on this sweet summertime treat!

MONEY TUESDAY - Stewart Welch joined us to address an "unexpected liability." He has seen a lot of situations where parents have added children's names to their property in order to avoid probate and make certain their child gets their home. But Birmingham attorney, Billy Pritchard says, "In adding their name to the deed, you have transferred property rights and ownership which means if they received a judgment against them in a lawsuit, their portion of the property could be at risk." In a worse-case scenario, there could be a forced sale of the property as a means to satisfy the judgment. Stewart says rather than worrying about that, your first and best line of defense against liability is using good judgment. I've seen cases where landowners allow kids to run four-wheelers all over their property. If a child gets hurt, you may very well get sued. Your second line of defense is good property insurance. Be sure your basic liability insurance dovetails into a minimum of a $1 million umbrella liability policy. These policies are typically very inexpensive compared to the amount of coverage offered. For more information, visit

SPECIAL NEEDS FOOTBALL CAMP - Former UAB player and current Oakland Raider Matt McCants, along with The Arc of Jefferson County, will be hosting the first ever Ability Academy on Saturday, June 27th at Samford University. The event will be a football camp for people ages ten and older who have an intellectual or developmental disability. The camp starts at 9:30am and concludes with a team lunch. The fee to participate is $20 and includes that meal, and a camp t-shirt. Registration is open now on The Arc of Jefferson County's website at McCants plays offensive tackle for the Raiders, and was an All-Conference USA first-team player at UAB for two years while getting his degree. McCants is gathering up a few of his former teammates to help him coach the Academy, which he calls a one-of-a-kind experience. The Arc of Jefferson County is the largest Arc in the state, serving more than 700 children and adults annually who have conditions like autism and Down Syndrome. The Arc's four core programs include residential, early intervention, adult day, and employment assistance. For more information on Ability Academy or The Arc, contact Scarlet Thompson or Mary Frances Colley at 205-323-6383.

ZOES HUMMUS & HOPS - Zoes Kitchen celebrates its 20th anniversary this month with 20 days of giving back to Birmingham. The Kick Off event will be "Hummus & Hops" on June 13th from 2pm-6pm at Avondale Brewery. The event coss $10 per person at the door and benefits The Exceptional Foundation. Hummus + hops is co-hosted by Zoe's Kitchen & Avondale Brewing Co. - located 201 41st St S, Birmingham, AL. It is a family friend event with live music by Rollin' in the Hay, a cornhole tournament, raffle drawings, face painting, and more. There will be food trucks on hand along with Zoe's Kitchen hummus and Avondale Brewing Company drinks.

BOW UP AGAINST BREAST CANCER - The 4th Annual "Bow-Up Against Breast Cancer" 3-D Archery Tournament sponsored by Mark's Outdoors will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama. It takes place this Saturday and Sunday at the Cullman Archery Park - located at 2312 County Road 490, Cullman, AL 35077. Bow Hunters of Alabama and Heritage Archery Club will host the 4th Annual "Bow-Up Against Breast Cancer 3-D Archery Tournament in support of breast cancer research in Alabama. The 2-day event has become a favorite among archers from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi and many other states including Illinois. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. both days. It includes twenty targets with classes for everyone. Plaques will be awarded for the top three archers in each category. There will be daily prize drawings, a silent auction, novelty shoots, and more! Proceeds from the event support breast cancer research in Alabama. For more information, visit .

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