Fitness classes for kids, your pet's health and romance scams

Fitness classes for kids, your pet's health and romance scams

JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh joined us live from the Shades Valley YMCA with Mickal Thomas. Today he showed us new exercises and highlighted the different types of kid fitness classes offered here at Shades Valley YMCA. For more information, call 205-870-9622.

VET SPECIALIST - Dr. Jerome Williams joined us to discuss pet health and what you should beware of during the hot summer months - heat problems, ticks, fleas, allergies, etc. Dr. Jerome Williams is at Red Mountain Animal Clinic. For more information, call 205-326-8080 or

FRAUD WATCH - With romance scammers on the Internet robbing Americans of more than $80 million per year, AARP's Fraud Watch Network is issuing a set of tips on how to avoid being scammed while using online dating sites. AARP Fraud Watch Network expert Amy Nofziger provided detailed advice for anyone using an online dating service. Nofziger explained how to spot a likely romance scammer and provide ways in which viewers can avoid online dating scams. She says scammers will steal your heart, then they'll steal your money. Victims think they're in a relationship. The victims are falling in love with this person. And then the scammer, once they know the victims are emotionally attached, will start asking for money. But, there are some red flags. If your online suitors' emails have many misspellings and poor grammar, that's definitely a red flag. Also, they'll claim to be from the United States, but working or traveling overseas and they'll make excuses as to why they can't talk with you over the phone. If you're communicating with someone like that, you need to walk away immediately. They will establish a relationship then they will come up with a crisis that only you can help them. And we are a helping society, we want to feel needed, but we also need to know the red flags. If someone you do not know is asking for money, do not send it to them, because it is a scam. Visit or call 877-908-3360 for more information!

ASK THE GARDENER - Fred Spicer, Executive Director of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, joined us to take viewer questions about their gardens. For more information, call 205-414-3950 or visit

ANCHOR IT - U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission launches new campaign: Anchor It! Secure Furniture and TVs: Protect Children. Mike talks with Commissioner Marietta Robinson and HGTV's Tiffany Brooks. Every 24 minutes, a child in the U.S. is injured from a TV or furniture tip-over accident. Children like to climb on furniture. For them, the home is a playground, and during the summer months children are spending even more time at home. However, many parents are not aware that unsecured TVs and furniture are hidden hazards lurking in every room. The Anchor It! Campaign is the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's call to action to ensure parents and caregivers learn about these dangers in the home and take simple, low-cost steps to prevent these tragedies. Every 24 minutes, a child in the U.S. is injured from a TV or furniture tip-over accident. Every two weeks, a child dies when a television, a piece of furniture or an appliance falls on him. When a television falls from an average sized dresser, it can fall with the force of thousands of pounds. Specifically, falling CRT TVs can hit a child with the impact of up to 12,700 pounds of force, and for flat screen TVs, the impact is up to 2,098 pounds of force. You can learn more from the most recent annual CPSC tip-over statistics report. But preventing tip-over accidents is easy, inexpensive, and only takes a few minutes. Avoid displaying or storing items in places where kids might be tempted to climb up to reach for them. If purchasing a new TV, consider recycling older ones not currently used. If moving the older TV to another room, be sure it is anchored properly to the wall. Keep heavier items on lower shelves or in lower drawers. Always buy and install low-cost anchoring devices that can prevent TVs, dressers, bookcases and other furniture/appliances from tipping. TVs should always be placed on a sturdy, low base and pushed as far back as possible, particularly if anchoring is not possible. Learn how to secure your furniture to protect children by visiting

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