Karle's Korner: Is this a recruiting edge for Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh?

Coach Jim Harbaugh can't take the Alabama heat

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The following is a commentary blog from FOX6 Sports Director Rick Karle:

If you are looking for a big-time college football coach who may be hot on the tails of Nick Saban and Gus Malzahn, look no further than Ann Arbor, Michigan. Yes, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is said to be indefatigable, and at age 51, he has many years ahead him to recruit players and run around shirtless.

You see on Friday, it was Harbaugh headlining a high school camp in Prattville, Alabama, and the energetic coach took time for speeches, input and well, running around playing a game of Peru Ball dressed only in khakis and sneakers.
You have to hand it Harbaugh, as Prattville gets hot and sticky in the month of June. The campers didn't seem to mind, as they swarmed the coach with laughs and giggles. And despite the fact Harbaugh cannot boast of a Body By Jake, his ego did not prevent him from showing the world what a typical man in his fifth century actually looks like.

Here's the big question: Is this shirtless thing a recruiting advantage or a disadvantage? On the one hand, Coach Harbaugh's youthful spirit can attract the nation's top recruits, I mean, you don't think you will ever see Nick Saban going topless, do ya? One the other hand, looking at Harbaugh's body might remind recruits that the coach is the one who needs to get back in the gym. The bottom line? Some coaches might be well served to strip off the shirt: if Hoover's Josh Niblett went shirtless, he'd give his players an inferiority complex.

Yet some folks should always leave the shirt on, and those people are probably you, me and Jim Harbaugh.

I'm glad the NCAA people have been addressing these satellite camps around the country. Otherwise, we'd never get to see Harbaugh's spirit.
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