Adamsville house fire leaves 1 person hospitalized

This morning on Good Day Alabama:

One person was injured in house fire in Shady Grove, which is near Adamsville,

Since we first reported the Jefferson County raid of multiple area convenience stores in one of the largest food stamp fraud busts, we are learning new details in the scope of the investigation,

New details about the alleged terror suspect killed by Boston police,

ESPN is receiving criticism over their choice for the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. We'll explain who many sports fans think should have received it over Bruce/Caitlyn Jennner,

Is Taco Bell considering selling alcoholic beverages at its fast-food locations?

The Love Doctor explains how you can use double dates to improve your own relationship!

In Our House we show you pointers for staining your deck!

Jeh Jeh gears up for the music, food and fun at Slicefest!

The Bargainomics Lady brings us some great deals!

And we introduce you to our Pet of the Week,

Plus, we've got your up-to-date information on traffic and weather (including airport delays), and breaking news from the Live Desk.

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Mike Dubberly