A little rain won't stop our Shred-a-thon! Ronda joins us live from the Hoover Met on Good Day!

A little rain won't stop our Shred-a-thon! Ronda joins us live from the Hoover Met on Good Day!

It's your Wednesday morning. Thanks for spending it with us on Good Day Alabama from 4:30 -to 9 a.m.

FIFA soccer is breaking news this morning. Six soccer officials have been arrested and accused of receiving paid bribes, totaling more than one-hundred million dollars. The arrests come after a three-year FBI investigation. Authorities believe FIFA officials accepted bribes and kick-back since the 1990's.

In exchange, FIFA officials are accused of providing media, marketing, and sponsorship rights to soccer matches in Latin America. All six suspects were arrested during an overnight raid. Up to 14 FIFA officials are expected to be named in an indictment when it is unsealed in a federal court in New York later today.

In Texas, some of the worst devastation happened along one river that rose 3-times the flood level in just a few hours. Once it did, there was simply no stopping it. This morning, the search continues for those washed away by the flood waters. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is warning residents around the state that waters are still rising in some locations. At least 17 people are confirmed dead. Forecasters say the storms should ease over the next several days.

Today is your chance to keep your sensitive paper documents out of the hands of criminals. We'll be hosting our next shred-a-thon event at the Hoover Met. You can bring items to be shredded from 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. For more information. Head to myfoxal.com and look in the "seen on TV" section.

New information as fire official try to figure out what caused that huge apartment fire in Birmingham. Vanessa Araiza is live at those apartments this morning.

Apple has surpassed Google to become the most valuable brand in the world. That's according to the annual ranking published by research company "Brandz". The Apple brand has increased in value by 67 percent over the past year. Its brand is now valued at $247 billion dollars. Google is up nine percent, to reach $174 billion.

Some folks in our viewing area will experience thunderstorms others just light rain. There is a 60 percent chance of rain today. Stay weather aware through the WBRC app and myfoxal.com or of course you can tune us in.

I'm Sarah Verser wishing you the greatest Good Day ever!