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Tuscaloosa Co. tax plan bill approved by legislature, sent to governor for signature

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Senator Gerald Allen (R) of Tuscaloosa County says a plan affecting Tuscaloosa County taxes has been approved by the legislature and sent to Governor Robert Bentley for his signature.

Proponents of the plan said it would create more stable funding for local needs, by redistributing existing taxes, with no new taxes. The Alabama House has already approved the plan.

Tuscaloosa County's legislative delegation, along with other local leaders, unveiled the plan earlier this year. The entire local legislative delegation stood in support of the plan.

They say it calls for combining the temporary one-cent sales tax and existing two-cent county-wide sales tax, to establish a three-cent county-wide sales tax.

Tuscaloosa, Northport, Tuscaloosa County, local schools, DCH and a new road improvement authority would receive a different percentage of the three-cent tax. At the unveiling of the plan, legislators said the money could help complete more than $225 million in county-wide highway improvements and expansion in the next five to 10 years.

Currently, both the Tuscaloosa City and County school systems share money from the temporary sales tax, and that money can go only to certain things. Under this new legislation, school leaders would be able to decide where it goes for operational and capital investments.

The bill is sponsored by State Representative Bill Poole of Tuscaloosa.

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