ISIL fighters seize Syria's ancient city of Palmyra

ISIL fighters seize Syria's ancient city of Palmyra

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Out of Syria, ISIS militants now have full control of the ancient city of Palmyra,

Bibb County, authorities are investigating what they call one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they've seen,

Terri Brewer has a follow up on a tax increase in Tuscaloosa,

Mickey gives you an updated look on your Memorial Day weekend forecast, including the beach,

A couple in Texas lives to tell their story about escaping a tornado in a pick-up!

David Letterman says goodbye to late night television in his farewell show. We'll have a recap,

We get you ready for your summer vacation! Save money on checking that extra bag! We show you tricks for packing it all in one suitcase and making it all fit!

Jeh Jeh takes us to the Birmingham Library to check out all the fun activities planned for the summer!

And we introduce you to our Pet of the Week,

Plus, we'll show you the newest Honda Pilot rolling out of the Lincoln, Alabama plant,

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