Financial troubles continue for Fairfield city leaders.

Financial troubles continue for Fairfield city leaders.

Some of the stories we are covering for you on Good Day Alabama:

There's more drama in Fairfield as bus service bills have not been paid for a while now,

A major recall on those Takata air bags could likely affect the car you drive. We'll have the story on where you need to go to find out if you're affected,

A robber who escaped work release in Hoover has been captured in Florida and we'll tell you what police found in his vehicle,

The State House passes a bare-bones budget that would cut most state services. What chance does it have in the Senate? We'll talk with two state legislators at 7:10 to find out,

North Korean military leaders say they have the capability to make mini-nuclear bombs,

Mickey will tell us if rain or heat or both are staying with us,

Some extreme weather to show you from other parts of the country,

The SEC Baseball Tournament is underway. What's it like for moms of SEC players in this pressure-packed atmosphere? What advice would they have for young little league moms? We'll talk with a couple of them at 7:30-AM.

One of the stars of Frozen on Ice joins us in the studio with all the scoop you need to know to take your kids to the show!

The Book Mobile drops by for a visit and explains how you can take advantage of it this summer!

The doctor takes your questions about your children's health!

And Mickey takes us out to the Birmingham Zoo to meet his friends!

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