FOP fighting for better health insurance rates and some moms make money by selling a surprising product

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Fighting for better insurance

Birmingham Police officers are gathering right now for a Fraternal Order of Police chapter meeting and while they won't let us inside our

is staked out outside the meeting to try and get a sense of how the FOP plans to fight a planned health insurance premium increase the city is proposing as part of a budget plan unwrapped this morning. Even though the mayor is proposing merit raises and cost of living increases, both the police and firefighters groups are saying that's not enough to offset some of the costs their members will have to shoulder as a result of this move. Sherea's live on FOX6 News at 9 to update us on what the FOP wants to do.

Breast milk as a business?
Who would've ever guessed one of the most in-demand food products right now would be breast milk? While some moms have been donating breast milk for some time, others are being compensated by companies. Tonight on FOX6 News at 10 we're looking at who's buying the milk and what kind of research is being done with it.

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