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Former motorcycle club member talks about Texas brawl and Jonathan Hardison joins active shooter training

Greetings from the desk of Jonathan Hardison! Here are some of the stories we're working on for you tonight.

Motorcycle misconceptions

"Biker Club Brawl" makes for a great headline, but it's not the reality for the biker clubs in the Birmingham area, or so one of their leaders tells our @ShereaHarris tonight. We're trying to find out how big the biker club culture is in our area in light of that massive fight and deadly shooting in Texas over the weekend and the peace-loving bikers Sherea found are hoping you'll listen to their side of the biker club story tonight on FOX6 News at 9.

Jonathan 'joins' the force
And with all of the controversy surrounding the use of deadly force by police officers around the country, I got the opportunity to put on a gun and taser (and some GoPro cameras) and take you into the middle of a potentially violent and deadly situation as part of training with the Homewood Police Department. 

My entire "call" lasted 36 seconds, and ended with four seconds of gunfire that, if it was real, could have ended my life or the life a police officer in that same situation. Tonight on FOX6 News at 10 I'll let you watch the whole experience play out in real time with multiple camera angles so you can decide what I did right and what I did wrong, and how you would make snap decisions that could mean life or death for you or a suspect.

Those stories and more beginning at 9 on FOX6 News. I hope you'll watch us on air, online at or in the WBRC News app by clicking "Live Newscasts."

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