After sitting empty for 25 years, old Anniston Food World to finally be demolished

After sitting empty for 25 years, old Anniston Food World to finally be demolished
Source: Dixon Hayes/WBRC
Source: Dixon Hayes/WBRC

ANNISTON, AL (WBRC) - After an entire shopping center was declared a public nuisance, it looks like the city of Anniston will finally lose another set of decaying buildings across town.

Mayor Vaughn Stewart confirms the old Food World building and a strip mall on the same property will be demolished soon, after being abandoned for some 25 years.

Both are located on South Quintard Avenue across from Sunny King Ford.

The Food World closed in the early 1990s, but continued in another location for a few more years. There are currently no Food World stores operating anywhere in Calhoun County.

The nearby strip mall held a Big B, and later Revco, drug store and another business. That building, too, will soon be gone.

The Food World is in especially bad shape, with a large section of roof missing and debris and puddles on the flood.

In between are rusting remains of the store, in which some of the 1980s era decor is still visible. Even though dirt has built up on the exterior, the "Food World" label scar and outlines that say "floral" and "bakery" are still visible.

The city's code enforcement officer recently requested, and received, permission from the council to declare Lenlock Centre across town as a public nuisance.

This time, however, Stewart says the property owner himself announced plans to demolish the buildings beginning later Thursday morning, with the hopes there may be some development there at a later time.

When asked what Anniston might see built on the site, however, Stewart simply said, "It's too early to tell."

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