Will the new Athletics Director #FreeUAB? And we learn more about the BRCA genetic test

Will the new Athletics Director #FreeUAB? And we learn more about the BRCA genetic test

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Meet the new UAB AD

He's here, now will he #FreeUAB? UAB's new Athletics Director Mark Ingram faced our cameras tonight for the first time and didn't exactly say yes or no to the idea of bringing back the UAB football program, basically saying he's "not closing any doors." So how is that neutrality sitting with UAB boosters who are also worried their school is about to get kicked out of Conference USA? Sherea Harris is talking to some of those boosters right now and she'll try and take the UAB fan base's temperature tonight on FOX6 News at 9.

Yes, your phone is tracking you

At 10 an important story about the device you're reading this email on, your smartphone. You've seen a lot of stories about location settings and you know about all of the apps that try to use your movements to sell ads or help get your business, but do you really know how much just your phone is collecting about where you go, when, and how often? Josh Gauntt was surprised by what his phone was telling him it had spied on in the last month and he'll show you how to figure out what your phone knows and how to stop it from snooping (if that's what you want) tonight on Fox6 News at 10.

Understanding the BRCA gene

Angelina Jolie Pitt made headlines when she had her breast removed because of a genetic test. It was a preemptive move to avoid breast cancer. In a special report tonight at 10, reporter Erika Gonzalez explains how the genetic test work and if it can save your life.

DIY dental work?

There's a Do-It-Yourself tutorial for just about anything you want to make. But what about orthodontics? Yes, some people are trying it and dental experts share why you should stick to DIY crafting.

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