Police uncover murder-for-hire plot and we investigate 'The Debt Trap'

Police uncover murder-for-hire plot and we investigate 'The Debt Trap'

Good evening from the desk of Jonathan Hardison! I hope you're having a nice evening.

Murder for hire

We're working our sources tonight to get new information in a bizarre murder-for-hire plot Attalla police have uncovered. They say a man hired two guys to join him in trying to kidnap and/or kill a former roommate who he said owed him some money. All three are in jail after a vehicle chase. We'll sort through all of it tonight as this story unfolds on our WBRC News APP and have full coverage starting on Fox6 News at 9.

The Debt Trap

And I've been working for a couple of months on a story I hope you'll be impacted by tonight centered around the payday lending industry and how a new state database may help protect borrowers from getting caught in a debt trap. We're talking to a woman who was married, had a job and a son in college who started out with one payday loan but ended up in way over her head and contemplating "ending it all," as she tells us tonight in our story on Fox6 News at 10.

I've posted a demonstration video on my Facebook page http://www.Facebook.com/Fox6Hardison if you'd like to get a sense of how the database will work, and I really hope you'll hear this woman's story firsthand tonight on Fox6 News at 10.

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