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Tracking this weekend's severe weather threat and a community loses its beloved school

Greetings from the desk of Jonathan Hardison! Here are some of the stories we're working on for you tonight.

Weekend severe weather threat

And Wes Wyatt is here tonight getting some new model data about the threat of severe weather on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, on Fox6 News at 10 I'll ask him just how big of a threat he expects this to be.

City loses beloved school

And we're just learning this hour that the Cullman County School Board has decided to permanently close Garden City Elementary permanently after it was condemned last year. Our John Huddleston has been inside that BOE meeting and right now is gathering reaction from parents and students who are now trying to figure out what their school system experience is going to look like going forward.

Blue Bell recall hits home

If the Blue Bell ice cream recall hasn't bummed you out and made you clean your freezer already, we found another reason to hate listeria bacteria. The Blue Bell creamery in Sylacauga is shutting down for cleaning and training and we're working the phones tonight to figure out how long this is going to last and how many Blue Bell employees will be affected. 

We'll have our updated reporting starting on Fox6 News at 9. Hope you'll be with us! Watch us on air, online at and in the WBRC News app (click "Live Newscasts").

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