'Human shield' suspect arrested and Blue Bell recall hits ice cream parlors

'Human shield' suspect arrested and Blue Bell recall hits ice cream parlors

Good afternoon from the desk of Janet Hall. Here are the stories we're working on for FOX6 News beginning at 5:00 this evening.

Not guilty verdict for Matt Pitt

Popular youth evangelist Matt Pitt heard two words today that changed his life. Not guilty. That's the verdict from the Jefferson County jury that heard all the arguments concerning the accusation that Pitt impersonated a law enforcement officer. We'll have Pitt's reaction and his plans for future ministry.

"Human Shield" burglary suspect

Police have arrested a man they say used his 1-year-old child as a human shield while breaking into a house. Rickee Walls faces third degree burglary charges. Police say he broke into a house in Adamsville Tuesday and had the child with him. They say when the homeowner fired a warning shot Walls held up the child as a shield. His child is safe and is now in the custody of relatives.

What do you do without Blue Bell?

An ice cream shop in Talladega is hoping to find a replacement for Blue Bell products before its profits melt away. As we reported, Blue Bell recalled all of its products following a scare with listeriosis. We'll tell you what the "Pop the Top Soda Shop" in Talladega is doing to keep business churning on FOX6 News at 5.

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