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Witness recounts fatal train-car collision and we show you how to save a pet in an emergency

(Source: WBRC file video) (Source: WBRC file video)
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Witness describes fatal collision

"I looked up, and BOOM!" That's how one witness is describing seeing an Amtrak train crash into a car that was trying to beat the train at a railroad crossing in Bessemer. The driver was killed, the car dragged 4 blocks, tonight that witness is giving us new insight into what happened in the seconds before that crash and a sobering lesson we all should learn next time we get impatient at a railroad crossing.

What would you do if your dog or cat started choking? What if they had a severe cut that needed immediate attention? Those are questions you don't have to answer before you get a pet, but you better be able to answer once you have one. Tonight Josh Gauntt is hoping to help save some pets' lives with some simple first aid tips as part of pet first aid awareness month. We'll have a list on our WBRC News app as well as demonstrate some of these for you tonight on FOX6 News at 10.
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