JeffCo Commissioners: Hiring is at 'a standstill'

JeffCo Commissioners: Hiring is at 'a standstill'

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County Commissioners expressed a great deal of frustration at the court appointed receiver who is supposed to oversee all hiring, firing, and promotion of county workers.

Commissioners said Ronald Sims is not doing his job. Sims was appointed by a federal court judge to develop a plan to eliminate discrimination in hiring practices. Years ago, Jefferson County admitted to discriminating against black and female employees.

Tuesday Jefferson County Commissioners became frustrated they are having to spend up to $500-thousand hiring temporary employees to cover county services for full time workers who can't be hired just yet.

While car tag lines are down. There is a concern the long lines could return without more county workers on the job.

"What we have right now is a stand still. The county is no better off now than they were. We are no closer to getting out of the consent decree than when he was engaged." Stephens said.

County Commissioners are also frustrated there was no representative from the receiver's office or the department of human resources he oversees at the committee meeting today.

The county attorney plans to address the commissioners' complaints to the federal judge in a status hearing next week.

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