Mickey got a new coffee tumbler!

Mickey got a new coffee tumbler!

Here's what you saw on Good Day Alabama for April 20, 2015:

JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh joined us live from Lakeshore Foundation with help from Carol Kutik on Exercise Monday. Spring is a time when many people begin thinking about beginning an exercise program or getting back into shape. The most important thing to do before beginning exercise is to review any injuries or health changes with your doctor and ask for any things you should avoid or pay special attention to. Then it's beneficial to set realistic goals. One of the biggest reasons people quit their exercise plan is that they do too much too soon or set expectations that are unrealistic. Goals are best when they are specific, such as, walk 20 minutes 3 times per week. It's important to have proper footwear when walking. There is not one good brand or model of walking shoe that works for everyone. It is well worth it to fitting from a trained shoe expert. The shoe should be supportive, fit well and feel good from the moment you put it on. People typically go up a whole size in exercise shoes from dress shoes. Walk around in them for a while before deciding if they are comfortable or not. If you begin walking a lot, or putting in a lot of miles, it is best to get a new pair. It can be the most important piece of your walking attire. Clothes should comfortable and able to be to absorb sweat as well as keep us cool. Layers are great when we need to be warmer at the beginning of a walk but want to shed some layers as we warm up. Don't forget sunscreen. Bright colors when outside are important for safety. Also a good idea to have identification if walking alone and let someone know where you're going. Staying hydrated is essential! When we want to increase time or intensity , we can increase time by a few minutes at a session, or walk faster. We can also add interval training to our walk. Let's walk very quickly for 30 seconds, then slow down for 10 to 20 seconds. Then we'll repeat. This is one example of interval training, which can be done in many ways. It basically means combining more intense intervals with less intense intervals. This will increase fitness and burn more calories. For more information, call 205-313-7400.

ANDREW GREER & GINNY OWENS - Thomas Nelson, a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, released two new books in the Refraction Collection earlier this year. "Transcending Mysteries" is co-authored by Dove nominated singer/songwriter, Andrew Greer and Dove Award winning artist, Ginny Owens. "Divided" is written by author, pastor and Bible teacher, Bill Delvaux. Both projects delve into the Refraction theme of how to deal with the biggest issues facing Christians today; how to reconcile God and Jesus from the Old and New Testaments and how to keep from becoming a divided Christian with your heart and mind. The readers are given valuable insight into these issues and learn how God would like for us to respond. These new offerings in the Refraction collection continue to cross theological boundaries in an open and honest way, with succinct and candid writing for a contemporary, millennial-minded reader. Transcending Mysteries will help readers to reconcile God of the Old Testament with the gracious gospel of Jesus in the New Testament. Greer and Owens use Old Testament stories to help Christians understand what God really wants from His people. Both authors give personal insights into their own stories of struggle and surrender, while adding the vital stories of Scripture to understand the whole overview of our faith. Together, Greer and Owens answer the age old question that Christians have struggled with for years. "We fell in love with Jesus. Then we had to decide what to do with God." For more information about Transcending Mysteries, Divided and the Refraction Collection, visit RefractionBooks.com or thomasnelson.com.

MAGIC CITY ART CONNECTION - Make your way to downtown Birmingham's historic Linn Park and settle in for Magic City Art Connection's spring infusion of fresh artistic talent, sights, sounds, tastes and aromas on April 24th-26th. The 32nd annual contemporary art festival presents 220 juried artists from around the country and much more to 20,000 visitors hungry for arts and culture, creativity, entertainment, food, community and fun. Be one of the art curious, art collecting, art newbies and other festival goers perusing the thousands of works on display. All mediums, styles, and price points are represented. On the other side of the art buying experience, much more awaits like the 18th annual Corks and Chefs food and wine tasting event, now with exclusive VIP upgrades and offerings, including the BBVA Compass VIP Experience featuring World's Best Pastry Chef in 2014 awarded by the World's 50 Best Restaurants, Jordi Roca. Plus there's Imagination Festival's 20 interactive art workshops for kids, live music and performances on stage from local talent, large scale art installations by emerging student artists, special exhibitions right across the street at the Birmingham Museum of Art, a Lincoln Luxury test-drive opportunity with complimentary gifts, lingering with friends at one of the festival lounges, and eating all day at the Park Place Café. Find Art and more the last full weekend in April! This year there is a small entry fee for the park of $5 for adults. Kids 12 and under get in for free. General admission for Corks & Chefs is $35 in advance, $75 for VIP tickets on Saturday in advance, and $125 in advance for Sunday VIP tickets. For more information, call 205-595-6306 or visit MagicCityArt.com.

BEST GREEN CARS - Just in time for Earth Day, eco-friendly drivers in the market for a new car can see which models the experts recommend with the 10 Best Green Cars of 2015 by the editors of Kelley Blue Book, the leading provider of new and used car information. In recent years, Green Cars have gone mainstream and there are more environmental-focused models available every year. Both the quantity and quality of 'green' cars is improving, offering a growing number of choices for environmentally friendly buyers at a wider range of prices and powertrains. After driving and testing nearly every new vehicle on the market today, Kelley Blue Book's editors compiled a 10 Best Green Cars list that provides a roadmap for consumers looking to get more miles from each gallon of gasoline, or to eliminate gasoline altogether. To see KBB.com's 10 Best Green Cars of 2015, please visit: kbb.com.

ASK THE GARDENER - Alabama Cooperative Extension Agent Sallie Lee took questions from viewers about their gardening needs. You can reach her at the Extension office with your questions at (205) 879-6964 ext 11.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, we look at donations to charities and the best way to do it! David Baldacci releases his 30th novel! He joins us with "Memory Man." Judge Lynn Toler celebrates her Daytime Emmy nomination and she joins us with the scoop on what to expect coming soon on her show! We talk hunting and bowfishing with our wildlife expert! Plus we check out the newest releases in music and movies! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!