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Semi-truck overturns in man's yard and ADPH addresses spice overdoses

(Source: Raymond Martin) (Source: Raymond Martin)

Good evening from the desk of Jonathan Hardison! Here are some of the stories we're working on for tonight.

Semi-truck flip

If you've got Bermuda grass like we do at our house, then just this week you've seen that nice brownish tan grass begin to turn green. So how would you like it if a runaway semi-truck flipped over in that newly green front yard, dumped a load of heavy construction equipment, and then was towed off with that equipment left to sit in your yard for maybe another week? That's what one Maplesville man is dealing with tonight and he's venting to our Josh Gauntt, who tells us this guy is quite a character. We'll hear from him tonight on Fox6 News at 9.

Spice overdoses

One drug, 98 hospital visits, 30 days. Those are the sobering stats we're just getting into our newsroom tonight from the Alabama Department of Health about how dangerous synthetic marijuana known as "spice" has become. We're looking at some counties that have had as many spice overdose cases since January as they had in all of last year. Why the sudden spike? That's a question we're trying to answer and we'll have our update tonight on Fox6 News at 10.

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